About us

Hey Lisa & Simon here!

We love our colorful and at the same time cozy furnishing style away from the standard and are happy when we can inspire our fellow men for an individual and varied apartment decor. For this reason we founded the "Bunter Hund Apartments", according to the motto: Make your life more colorful!


✖ No parties or events
✖ Smoking is NOT allowed in the apartment
✖ No excessive noise or loud music
✖ No pets in the house
✖ No shoes in the apartment
✖ No drugs or unauthorized behavior
✖ No guests or overnight guests not listed on your reservation
✖ No toiletries in the toilet, only toilet paper

✔ Keep the apartment clean and tidy, report any damage or missing items to us immediately
✔ Please wash dishes
✔ Keep quiet hours between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.
✔ Close windows and doors when leaving the apartment

⚠ 500€ fee for excessive noise
⚠ 500€ fee for smoking
⚠ 500€ fee for violating the house rules
⚠ 75€/hour will be charged if check-out is not at check-out time and we have not been informed in this regard
⚠ 50€/person fee for people who are not specified in the reservation.
⚠ 500€ fee for removing guests/residents/animals that are on the property in an unauthorized manner.

Also, please think about the environment. Therefore, we ask you to regulate lights and heating in the spirit of the environment, as well as to separate garbage.